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We have almost made it through the first month of 2018!
2018 is the revolutionary year that will make you take your Self-Care game to another level. Self-care is a quickly growing concept that gives us the autonomous choice to choose practices that bring us peace of mind in an otherwise uncertain time.

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DIY Organic Halloween Makeup Tutorial

Tis the season of spooky, fantasy, and day after Halloween candy sales. This is one of our favorite holidays at Alchemie! We wanted to share a cute DIY project we had done recently for an organic and natural makeup Halloween look!

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Perseids Meteor Shower

Once a year the Perseids Meteor Shower glides on by. Dust and debris turn into sparkling meteors and light up the night sky. This past saturday August 12th was our yearly drive-by with the Perseids.

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Alchemie Spa Featured on

When many hear “green travel” they think of camping in the wilderness, but in Santa Monica you don’t have sacrifice the indulgences of luxury travel in order to “go green.” Santa Monica provides many eco-friendly restaurants,

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Alchemie Spa Featured On Spa It Girl

Alchemie Spa is organically inspired by nature and the Southern California coastal lifestyle, and the alchemized the natural elements-fire, water, earth, wood, and metal to create a sanctuary for beauty rituals and healing. Listen to healing sounds,

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Alchemie Spa Featured By Departures

Green Revolution: 15 Non-Toxic Nail Salons in the U.S.
Just blocks from the beach, Alchemie offers seven-free Butter London polish and certified organic products and treatments, like the antioxidant-rich blueberry power peel in the Alchemie Manicure.

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